Instant Healing with New Energetics (Part 2)

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Health care is a thorny issue, and it is crucial enough to define and determine the success or failure of presidential campaigns.

The length, breadth and nature of health care provision determined, to a great extent, our choice for president during the last elections.

And from hereon, it is fairly certain that the subject will continue to be a major talking point that future presidential aspirants will peg their hopes and aspirations on.

But regardless of your political choice or inclination, health care is a matter of personal importance; you need to look after your health. End of story.

But easy as the concept is to understand, and crucial as it is to our lives, getting adequate health care has become a challenge for many of us. The bottom line is cost.

For many of us, the cost of health care has risen to levels beyond what we can afford.

And even if you can afford it now, there is no guarantee that you will be able to avail of it in the future.

There are other problems besides cost.

Another issue with modern medical care is that much of the information we rely on to educate ourselves is conflicting and confusing.

Take the lipid hypothesis, for example.

During the 50′s a medical doctor named Ancel Keys published a report that connected the consumption of saturated fats with an increase in the death rate.

Dr. Keys’s Lipid Hypothesis became firmly rooted in medical circles, and became the basis of our bias against saturated fats.

Now the study is being criticized and discredited by new research pointing to the fact that saturated fats are in fact beneficial and necessary for good health.

This is just one example out of scores of instances where so-called expert research has turned out to be wrong. So what can you believe in?

We can gripe about these things all day, or we can search for solutions that really work.

One solution is closer at hand than you realize.

For centuries, the Chinese have been tuning in on the nature and interplay of the various energies within and around us.

They found ways to work with this flow of energy, channeling their discoveries and experience into a body of knowledge known as “energetics.”

Building on this body of knowledge, ancient Chinese doctors were able to correct and cure many of the illnesses that people suffered from.

Paul Wong is a modern day practitioner of the ancient art of energetics.

He combines the core of this age-old healing tradition with modern, cutting edge science to craft a unique approach to holistic healing he calls “neutrality.”

According to Wong, the essence of being neutral is finding and working with your body’s midline, the imaginary line that separates the left and right halves of your body. It is called “centering.” If you center your body it goes into natural regeneration and alleviates both physical and mental stress. The process is simple enough.

Step One: Tune in to the center of your body. Your center is a place of neutrality, no judgments and no attachments. When you are centered your body works at optimum. Tune in to how the center of your being feels.

Step Two: Then compare – tune in to the corresponding body parts, relative to your center. For example, focus on how your left shoulder feels; then zoom in on the feeling of your right shoulder. Notice and compare the difference in feeling between your two shoulders. Which shoulder feels closer to the center?

Step Three: Now you can employ an “energetic correction,” and visualize shifting the feeling of the “off” shoulder back to the midline/center.

Doing this puts your body in a state of regeneration.

Once you have mastered this simple technique it takes mere seconds to eliminate pain and discomfort. Neutrality is the foundation upon which instant self healing is built.

It is easy, natural and costs nothing to use once you learn and practice the method.

Anyone can learn self healing, and by using it often you can save a significant amount of money on health care costs.

Energetics and neutrality have been used successfully to correct a wide variety of maladies, including soreness, toothaches, lumbago, physical and mental stresses, anxiety disorders and phobias and many others…

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