Instant Healing with New Energetics

In this day and age our culture has fallen hopelessly in love with things that provide us with instant gratification.

The need for speed and for getting things done immediately so we can reap the benefits at the soonest time possible has given us fast food restaurants, off-the-shelf packaged products and microwave dinners.

learn the art of neutrality

We can get instant purchasing power through credit cards, or have instant access to our stash of cash through ATMs. Even romance and relationships.

There is one area, though, that seems to lie beyond our ability to speed things up.can be instantly realized with speed dating and online databases.

Despite advances in medicine and healthcare, healing the human body remains a painstaking and deliberate process that often relies on the optimum configuration of many external factors in order for it to succeed. We rely on the skill of healthcare professionals to administer tests using complex equipment and procedures.

We place our faith in the equipment manufacturers, relying on them to ensure that their machines work properly and perform impeccably.

We trust in the expertise and experience of our doctors, in whose hands we place our health, hope and well-being.

And we expect the drug companies to have undertaken years of meticulous, exhaustive and expensive research and development to produce medicines that will cure us of our illnesses.

Healthcare is a complicated, convoluted beast. But we must embrace it as a necessary evil of living in the modern world. We have no other choice.

Or do we?

It turns out that we may have more natural, less invasive, more relaxed and less commercially anchored health care options at our disposal.

One such option, in fact, may be “installed” within us already, simply waiting to be primed, harnessed and put into use.

Centuries before the establishment and institutionalization of the scientific procedures that characterize Western medicine, the Chinese had already made significant advances in the study of human health and treating illnesses.

And although their methods were often less than scientific and more grounded in mysticism, the Chinese were at the forefront of progressive health care.

At a time when Western medicine did not even exist yet, the Chinese had perfected systems like acupuncture, developed from the culture’s unique understanding of the world, how it works and their place within the scheme of things.

They were already practicing unheard of procedures such as sticking needles in the body, and watching what they eat and controlling their breath to stay healthy.

One of these ancient practices is making an amazing comeback, and may hold the key to natural and affordable health care for many.

Chinese energetics has been studied and practiced for centuries. It taps into the rich store of knowledge amassed by Chinese medical practitioners and fuses this with our own modern scientific knowledge.

One of the modern advocates of Chinese energetics is Paul Wong, a noted expert in this field, and developer of “the Art of Neutrality,” a program based on the concept of energetics.

In essence, it seeks to shift consciousness to a neutral state by applying tools and techniques originally developed by the Chinese.

This ability to shift states of consciousness allows us to turn our focus away from pain and discomfort to one of calm, comfort and freedom from stress.

Using these techniques, pain and stress can often be neutralized in mere minutes.

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